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If the ultimate goal of producing enormous amounts of weapons is to kill people and destroy a country, but cause less harm to the environment, can we still say that these weapons are ‘friendly’? Perhaps the arms manufacturers in the US will think so.

An article published by last week’s, which featured the US military department that began pumping millions of dollars into ‘environmentally friendly’ and ‘green’ munitions: lead-free bullets, reduced-toxin rockets and low-carbon emission tanks, led me to a serious doubt about the ‘green’ munitions.

The article said:“A concept of ‘green’ munitions is not a contradiction in terms.” Any system, although its fundamental aim is to destroy, can be designed to cause less harmful effect to the environment. Therefore, perhaps the bombing in Iraq or Afghanistan that killed millions of human beings, but using the environmentally friendly’ weapon, can also be considered as a ‘green’ act nowadays.

However, for an aggressive country like the US, which produce 17 millions of arms ammunition, with 300,000lb of military-used lead every year. The ‘green’ munitions act is vital. 

At least, the use of lead-free bullets shows some good sign for local water supplies and seas that have been polluted by the lead. What’s more, the development of armoured vehicles with fewer carbon emissions and hazardous chemical compounds seem to be a great contribution to the serious environmental problem: the global warming.

But, the human impact should not be overshadowed by the environmental impact. We know the nature of war is destructive, even through a more ‘environmentally- friendly’ approach. Thus, I think the Americans should be urged to re-consider before producing any missiles instead of reducing their environmental impact.


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