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The Interview

1) Why do you think people spend excessively at Christmas?

That could be many reasons. First of all, you got be aware that we are living in a very materialistic world where perceived value is way above sentiment. There are lots of pressures at Christmas to buy. For example the TV advertisements, newspapers, Christmas leaflets, special catalogues, in store promotions, shelves of offers in the supermarkets. Furthermore, the peer pressures could also lead us to spend more to keep ourselves fashionable, and having the latest in thing. Last but not least, a whole host of retailers make their living at this time of year, so they are under pressure to reach sales hike and offset their overdraft for the rest of the year.

2) How much do you think is a fair amount to spend on a Christmas present?

It’s all depending on your budget and the financial income. However, I think the amount of money that you spend is not so important, but the thought that you put into the choosing of the gifts will be counted. One very meaningful gift that you made at home with spare things in your craft cupboard could overshadow hundreds of dollars worth of gifts that really mean nothing.

3) Would you buy Christmas presents from a charity shop

Yes, why not? I get so fed up with the commercial greed we experience nowadays. The Christmas sales had started in August or thereabouts. I don’t understand why people are not sick of it by the time Christmas actually arrives. I am not going to violate the real meaning of Christmas and will be going to Church and making a donation to the poor instead of going to the Supermarket. Just for a change, I am going to have an ‘alternative’ Christmas by ignoring it altogether, apart from presents for my grandson which I bought from Scope -the disability organization, in Cardiff. The so-called ‘festive’ season really isn’t so festive when it becomes too commercialized.

4) What do you think about charity, it is a waste of money?

No, definitely not. Charity is not so simple, it means more than money. It encompasses of tolerance, sharing and feeling good for both the giver and the receiver. When you donate, you are helping the less fortunate. You are doing your part as a person. I wish I could do more to help the less fortunate.

5) What do you think publics can contribute more to the charity organization? Well, there could be many possible ways. Of cause, donation is the most straightforward method. Besides, may be we can spend more in the charity shop instead of supermarket. Some of the items over there are brand-new and having the same quality with those in the shop. The prices that they offer are cheaper as compare to supermarket. Moreover, we can also do some voluntary jobs for them, such as serving customers; sorting goods and transporting donated goods.


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