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Buying presents that make a difference

Now you can broaden the impact of your gift giving by taking those in need into consideration more than ever

What’s your first thought about Christmas? Christmas traditionally is a time to rejoice with family and friends. Nowadays, it has been transformed from the memorial of the birth of Jesus Christ into celebration of materialism and consumerism. 

Many businesses try to boost their sales by introducing cross-selling opportunities and special promotions.Research shows that the total UK festive season spending[1] on credit cards, cash and cheques is predicted to reach £51.6 billion during December 2006. Christmas is now the most profitable period in the UK retail calendar. However, over a tenth, of the average of £330 per person spent on Christmas presents, is simply wasted.    

Scope           Wide range of quality Christmas ideal gifts and other goodies at down-to-earth prices.

To avoid spending an inexcusable extravagance during Christmas time, many people are now opting for an alternative to the high streets, Charity shops, for example- Scope[2]. This is the leading disability organization in Cardiff, which focuses on people with cerebral palsy (A physical condition which affects physical movement caused by brain injury).  The organization’s aim is for disabled people to achieve equality, as part of society in which they are as valued and have the same human and civil rights as everyone else.

celebral palsy         Different type of cerebral palsy

The Scope Cardiff charity store offers an exhaustive range of quality Christmas ideal gifts and other goodies at down-to-earth prices. Every year, the shop raises millions of pounds to provide a recycling service to the local community. “We have excellent quality, low-price merchants, ranging from household equipment and toys to clothes and jewelry. The most amazing part is, majority of the stock is donated by the local citizens,” Said Mary Dickson, the shop voluntary worker.

She added, “We are also launching a Christmas cards fundraising event, where people can buy our Christmas cards in the store or order online.” All of the cards are drawn by the children with cerebral palsy aged from 6 to 12 years old. The funds raised will be devoted to cerebral palsy therapies.

xmas card

People are now very supportive of the Scope local store because of its charity orientation. When people first go in, they might have doubts about the quality of the goods. However, the reality proves that they are wrong. Mary explained they conduct a quality assurance check before allocating the stock on the shelves. And the price will depend very much on condition of the goods.

“I get so fed up with the commercial greed we experience nowadays. I am not going to violate the real meaning of Christmas and will be going to Church and making a donation to the poor instead of going to the Supermarket,” said Michel Jones, a regular customer.

“I am also going to have an ‘alternative’ Christmas by ignoring it altogether, apart from presents for my grandson whom I bought from Scope. A unique gift which cost me only four pound.” He said.

For people who are also fed up with the commercialism and trapped in the pressure of spending at this festive season, here is an alternative. Opt for a proper yet affordable present from you local Charity shop, Scope. It makes your shopping more meaningful when you know your money is going to a good cause. 

What is more, it doubles the joy of purchase and giving. The immediate effect on your loved one’s smiling face when receiving your gift. Simultaneously, and you have also contributed to the cerebral palsy fund which helps the needy. So, why hesitate? Break the mould of doing your traditional-high-street shopping, but pop down to your nearest charity shop route to make your coming Christmas a meaningful one.




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  1. * britishredcross says:

    I was reading your blog and I wanted you to know that if you were going to buy Christmas cards anyway, why not buy the British Red Cross‘s charity Christmas cards. There might be something in our range to suit your needs this year. You can view them or order online. Funds raised from our sales go to a good cause, that is supporting the work of the British Red Cross. Thanks.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 4 months ago

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